Addtional services

We provide famous sightseeing, entertainment and dining services for you to discover when coming to Hoi An

Addtional Services


We provide transportation to the airport, bus station, or anywhere you want

Tailoring Service

Hoi An is the capital of cheap tailoring with designs ranging from suites to casual fashions

Tra Que Vegetable Village

An ancient village specializing in growing vegetables with moss from Tra Que River, producing excellent quality

Thanh Ha Ceramic village

Another ancient village in Hoi An with a typical handmade pottery craft, preserved after going through many ups and downs.

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is another international heritage, the capital of the lost kingdom of Champa

Cham Island

Cham Island, about 20 minutes by speedboat from Hoi An, is a biosphere reserve of the world, with natural beauty, fine white sand beaches and fresh seafood.

Marble Moutain

This is a limestone moutain complex with natural caves and a very famous handicarft village

Water Coconut Forest

This is an eco-tourism site located at the end of the Thu Bon River. This place has a very special type of boat going on the river or the sea called the basket boat

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